Membership Criteria

a) The candidate must pass the degree in Veterinary Science from any of the recognized Institute / University based in India or in any other country.

b) The candidate after having basic qualification as mentioned in point no. 6(a), he/she should have the practice /service (Private or Government) full/part time in equine field with minimum involvement of 75% of his/her total working hours of the day.

c) The candidate should pay the Registration Fee of Rs. 300/- & Rs.5000/- as life membership fee by Cash/DD/ Cheque to IAEP.

d) The executive Committee of IAEP reserves all the rights to qualify/disqualify any member in consultation with the authorized committees, existing or appointed for approving registration of membership of IAEP.

e) The executive committee reserves the right to nominate the deserving candidate as HONORARY MEMBER/STANDING MEMBER/ASSOCIATE MEMBER/EMIRATUS MEMBER who may be a nonprofessional/professional/may or may not fulfill clause no.6 (a), (b) and /or having an outstanding career in the field of equine science or otherwise. Such a candidate may or may not pay the membership fee/registration fee etc. However donations may be accepted from such a candidate as the case may be. The membership of such nominated members is necessarily to be approved in a “IAEP Council Members” meeting and/or Executive Committee meeting having suggested by the Committee for Registration of Membership.

f) The candidate having fulfilled clause no. 6(a) & (b) be called as PATRON of the association against the donation under following category. I) Patron – Donation of Rs.25000/- and above. ii) Vice Patron – Donation of Rs. 20000/- and above.

g) No candidate be offered a temporary membership.

h) The membership of the candidate under any category after fulfillment of the requisite norms should be approved by the Committee for Membership Registration appointed by the Executive Committee of IAEP.

i) All the candidates under any category mentioned above should fill up the prescribed application form for registration of membership.

Membership Fees

Registration Fees-Rs.300

The membership fees – Life Member – Rs. 5000/-