Indian Association of Equine Practitioners

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IAEP presents a webinar series on Mare and Foal Management – click here


• To improve the health and welfare of the Equine species of the animals, in India.

• To improve professional standards amongst the members of the association.

• To avail better resources for improving Equine Veterinary field through research/seminar/symposium/conferences/fair etc.

• Conducting animal fair/campaigns at the places where there is Equine population to enlighten the farmer and extend Veterinary aid and knowledge for better animal husbandry practices.

• To undertake research programs from time to time to update the technical know-how and to apply the same knowledge for the benefit of the farmer/ public at large and the Equines in particular.

• To undertake the research program with recognized Institute like universities, colleges, social organizations etc. and advise on the technical aspects to the Universities/ Colleges/Government etc. as the case may be.

• To undertake the research programs with the concerned Organizations, Companies, Institutes [Private or Govt./ corporation etc.] who deals with Equines directly and indirectly to benefit the Equine species and the concerned farmer /people.

• To maintain the latest books/ periodicals / journals / newsletters / newspapers pertaining to the technical and concerned science and to develop full-fledged reference library for the field of Equines.

• To guide and advise as and when necessary to the Institutions/ Universities/ government / corporations and private organizations etc., as far as Equine veterinary science and related science is concerned in order to educate the students / people.

• To seek the affiliation with the similar organizations functioning outside the country.


• President: Dr. S.K. Kulkarani

• Vice-President: Dr .P.T. Khambatta

• Secretary: Dr. Ravi Reddy

• Joint Secretary: Dr. Zulfikar ALi

• Treasurer: Dr. Yashpal  M. Paithanpagare

• Joint Treasure: Dr. Yogesh Bhosale


1) Dr. Abhay Desai

2) Dr. Vijay Kashid

3) Dr. Anil Lahane


1) Dr. Datta Bhosale

2) Dr. S. M. Gandhe